Lazy Hiker Brewing Company

“This is some damn good beer” -guy in front of us in line.

Nestled in the western North Carolina mountains, just past the antique shops of downtown Franklin, sits the Lazy Hiker Brewing Company. This hiking themed brewery would appeal to any outdoor lover. Within the trail map decorated walls, just beneath the shabby sets of hanging hiker boots, rests a whole lot of delicious beer. We knew immediately that this beer would be note worthy while waiting in line. The man in front of us turned around to tell us so. It was pretty easy to see he was full of the beer himself, which is always a good sign. He said, and I quote, “This is some damn good beer”. He was right. From the Lazy Englishmen Ale, to the Easy Drinker IPA, all the way down to the Margarita Gose, the beer was smooth, flavorful, and generous in alcohol percentage.

66491941_1384035545069053_2635139844015128576_n (2)

The Lazy Hiker has a lot to offer. There is a back lounge with darts and games, a children’s area with chalk boards, and a lovely outdoor seating area with a fenced in dog park. It seemed we had stumbled into the brewery on a calm day. According to the posters on the wall they usually host events and often have live music. Upon talking to the brewtender he told us that the Lazy Hiker sets itself apart with its wide variety of beer. They have golden ales, stouts, porters, IPAs, double IPAs, sours, ambers, etc. If there is a style you prefer, chances are they have it. The Lazy Hiker is in the perfect location for any trail lover. It’s only a few miles from tons of trails including the famous Appalachian Trail. Western North Carolina is praised for its abundance of forests, rivers, and nature parks. I can’t imagine a better way to unwind after an adventure filled day than having a cold craft beer at the Lazy Hiker.  Food is also available through the Mad Batter Food Truck which is always a nice bonus for any brewery.  Abe now has a new Lazy Hiker sticker which he wears with pride. Cheers to the Lazy Hiker Brewing Company. Franklin, NC is one lucky town.


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